Talk to your dog PLR Mega Pack

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Talk to your dog PLR Mega Pack

PLR Stripped Bare
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Here's How You Can Dominate The Highly Profitable Dog Training Niche With Premium Content That Won't Burn A Hole In Your Wallet...

Component 1 - 50 Page book "How to talk to your dog"

You get full private label rights to this book. You can break it up into smaller reports, use parts as web content, etc.

Formatting has been kept to a minimum to make it easier for you to re-purpose it in any way you see fit.

This is fresh and new - it was written especially for this project. Supplied in .docx format ready to be opened in Microsoft Word or Open Office.

Component #2 - 40 Blog Posts or Email Articles.

If you're going to dominate the dog niche you'll need content to publish in your newsletters, on your blog, etc.

So to kick things off we've had FORTY fresh new dog training related articles written and you get full PLR to them.

Turn them into blog posts, compile into reports, use as lead magnets...

Each article is between 750 and 1000 words, supplied in text format.

Component #3 - Two Week Dog Adoption Email Sequence

You know the biggest mistake most newbie niche marketers make?

Not following up!

Mainly because they have no idea how to write an email sequence.

So we're giving you one - with PLR rights!

This is a professional, 13 day sequence (plus confirmation email). Use it out the box, or use it for inspiration - or break the content out of it for use in posts, reports and things!

Supplied in text format.

Component #4 - Over 200 Royalty Free Dog Images.

When it comes to creating content on your blog or web site or illustrating your products, having royalty free images that you can use commercially with no copyright issues is a must.

So we've collected over 200 high quality dog images that come with CC0 licensing.

Use these however you like! Pay no royalties ever!

Component #5 - Seven More Complete Books/Training Manuals!

We paid our researchers top dollar to hunt down the best dog related PLR that was already out there and obtain the most flexible rights to it all.

As a result you are also getting...

• Adopting a dog. - This 25 page,9314 word report could be used as a lead magnet or included in a members area. Or you could strip out the bits you want to put into your own course.

• Curing Separation Anxiety. - This 82 page,19604 word manuscript could be used as a paid product! Or you could extract parts to use in lead magnets or web site content.

• Dog Potty Training. - 7060+ words, 28 pages More content you can use as a lead magnet or break down into content. Use it however you like!

• Healthy Homemade Dog Food. - 38 pages of solid information Including recipes for food and treats, and a ton of advice. Did you know the dog food sub niche alone is worth 21 BILLION dollars a year?

• House Train ANY Dog. - 35 pages,9946 words. House training causes dog owners no end of grief and when they come seeking help - you could be the one ready to step in and take their money!

• How To Build a Dog House. - 31 photo illustrated pages! This guide will show dog owners how to affordably build a dog house themselves thus saving them a ton of cash.

• How To Stop Excessive Barking. - This 28 page guide covers another of the hottest sub-topics for this niche.

That's an additional 265+ pages of quality, dog niche content for you to re-purpose in anyway you like.

Are you starting to see how this pack can make anyone look like the go to person for all things dog related?

PLUS... Bonus content included...

To help promote this PLR, we had some graphics made, and although we strongly recommend rebranding PLR we are still including the PSD source file (can be opened in the free editor at photopea.com if you don't have Photoshop),

We also did a load of keyword research for this niche and have included a copy of that too.

Private Label Terms and Conditions for PLR Stripped Bare Mega Packs.

To protect the value of this course, you may not pass on any kind of rights to your customers. This means that your customers may not have resell, master resell, white label or private label reprint/rights passed on to them unless you have changed the content by at least 45%.

You may not mention the names Andie Brocklehurst, Network66 or Riley Mason as the authors or originators of this training in any way in your marketing, product redevelopment or use of this content.

You cannot use any content from these courses as part of another Private Label product/offer.

You are not permitted to give the main book away in its current 'as-is' format for free - it must be sold directly or offered as a bonus to a paid product. They must be majorly edited, renamed and fully re-branded to be given away.

You have unrestricted rights to the 40 articles and may use them however you like, including passing resell rights to them if you wish.

You have CC0, Copyright free, royalty free license to the 200+ dog images.

You may only claim copyright to this course or any derived product / offering developed from them after you have made substantial changes (45% minimum) to distinguish your offering from other license owners.

Andie Brocklehurst/Network66 reserves the right to make final decisions on any usage of the private label content purchased under this license if they are not be specifically addressed in these restrictions - If in doubt ask.


Private Label Rights Terms & Conditions Summary

[YES] Can be edited.

[YES] Can put your name as the author.

[YES] Can be broken down into articles.

[YES] Can be used as web or e-zine content.

[YES] Can be sold as stand-alone products (personal rights only).

[YES] Can be packaged (personal rights only).

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus with a paid product (personal rights only).

[YES] Can be sold on auction sites (personal rights only).

[NO] Can offer (Master) Resell Rights.

[NO] Can resell Private Label Rights.

[NO] Can be published offline.

[NO] You can’t publish these ebooks on Amazon KDP

The content in the Bonus Dog PLR Content Folder may be given away and included in member sites.

This product is not currently for sale.

This complete mega pack with PLR rights!

50 Page book "How to talk to your dog" with PLR
40 Blog Posts or email articles
Two week professional auto responder sequence.
Over 200 Royalty free dog images.
7 More complete bonus books/training products with PLR.
644 MB
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